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Your Organisation

Your Organisation has chosen to make the SpeakUp® communication tool developed by People Intouch B.V. (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) available to you.

People Intouch B.V. is based in the Netherlands, in the European Union (EU), and we are therefore committed to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which is one of the most comprehensive personal data protection regulations in the world.

This Privacy Statement applies to you when you are using SpeakUp® to communicate with your Organisation.

About SpeakUp®

Via SpeakUp®, you can leave a report and start a safe and secure conversation with your Organisation within the SpeakUp® environment.

Your Organisation is responsible for the processing of your personal data via SpeakUp® and remains the data controller. If you have any questions concerning SpeakUp® and how your personal data will be processed, please contact your Organisation or check their SpeakUp Policy and/or Privacy Policy. People Intouch is the data processor, and we take that role seriously. This means that we provide you with the best possible safe way to communicate with your Organisation.

Your privacy is important to us. We want you to feel safe while using SpeakUp® and would like to inform you of the following:

Sensitive data

SpeakUp® is not intended to communicate sensitive personal data such as race, health data, political views, philosophical beliefs (religious or atheist etc.), sexual orientation or legal history. We ask you kindly to take this into account when using SpeakUp®.


If you are a minor, your Organisation will need to obtain the consent of your parents or guardians for you to use SpeakUp®, if legally required.

How it works

What happens to a report left via SpeakUp®?

The content of a report is shared with your Organisation and will only be used and processed for the purposes for which SpeakUp® is intended by your Organisation. Reports are always shared with your Organisation in written form. Audio reports are transcribed before they are shared, and the audio file is deleted automatically. You can enable email notifications or push notifications for SpeakUp®. You can disable push notifications for the SpeakUp® mobile app at any time via your device settings. Check your Organisation’s SpeakUp Policy and/or Privacy Policy for more details on what happens to a report left via SpeakUp®.


When leaving a report via SpeakUp®, you can decide to share your identity with your Organisation or remain anonymous. If you share personal details in your report, these will be processed by your Organisation when handling your report.

Why is personal data processed when using SpeakUp®?

The processing of personal data via SpeakUp® is necessary:

Which data is processed?

Certain data provided by you is automatically collected when using SpeakUp® and will not be shared with your Organisation. This data is processed to provide you with all functionalities of SpeakUp®, for authentication purposes, for notification purposes (if enabled; e.g. your email address), to establish a secure connection with your device and to prevent and detect security threats or other malicious activity. This information will never be used for any other purpose and will only be saved as long as necessary for the intended purpose, unless this period is extended due to an established act of malicious activity.

Data security

People Intouch has taken extensive measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data. All data is encrypted when transmitted via SpeakUp® web and the SpeakUp® mobile app. 


When visiting SpeakUp® web, session cookies are used to provide secure communication. This session cookie data will be deleted after two (2) hours. You can use your browser settings to delete, disable or block cookies.


People Intouch would like to keep you informed in the best way possible, and may amend and change this Privacy Statement from time to time.

What are your rights?

Your Organisation is responsible for the processing of your personal data and assuring your rights that follow from the applicable data protection laws. Please check the SpeakUp Policy and/or Privacy Policy of your Organisation for more information on the processing of personal data  by your Organisation and your data protection rights.

Last modified 12 July 2022